Copertina libro Tango

Everywhere Tango

It is challenging enough to try and identify the main initiators of Tango dancing in Napoli. It is ever harder to trace a linear and clear cut ‘history’ of the subsequent, wider, spread of the dance movement.

Today the situation is in constant evolution. Apart from the traditional schools and milongas, there is a large amount of evening events, festivals, musicalizadores and local groups. 

There are those who explore the ‘alternatives’ to the Tango; there are those who try to recreate the atmospheres of the portene milongas ; there are also those who revamp the local spaces and their past glory, giving them new purposes. 

However, the moment the dances begin, what really matters is the pleasure of the dance itself, moving along in harmony with one’s partner, letting the music take control.

Whether in Baires, in Napoli or in Paris, it is not relevant. Tango is everywhere. Everywhere, Tango.

Luciana Squadrilli