Portraits of Artists

To take a picture of an artist busy with creating in the space of an art gallery is a bit like getting closer to a tiger in her natural habitat.

One needs to be almost invisible, to camouflage oneself,  “to hunt” while on your tiptoe.
Artists, all artists, prefer to avoid intrusive glances. Their world is not made for everybody.

Valeria Manzoni has sharpened and refined her hunting instinct with years and years of experience.
She has learned to watch while remaining on the threshold between herself and another, to align eye, mind and heart in less the blink of an eye, this being sufficient to catch a flash of genius, anger, joy, the knowing look… of an artist… or of a tiger.

Helga Sanità


valeriamanzoni-artista13 valeriamanzoni-artista07 valeriamanzoni-artista05 valeriamanzoni-artista04